Top 60 Black Ghetto Names….Really?

by Black Love And

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By Ayize Ma’at

VIDEO: Today I saw this video for the first time.  To say the least I was offended.  As someone who takes the naming process very seriously, I felt like this video totally disrespected, devalued, and trivialized one aspect of the uniqueness of African American culture.  You see I changed my name 10 years ago as an affirmation of my Africanity and to symbolically advocate self determination and self definition for myself and my community.  Without getting too deep, I got mad respect for those who use their god given creativity to name themselves.  For the life of me I can’t understand why names created by African Americans that are unique to the African American cultural experience are called GHETTO?  Not only are these Latino boys calling our names ghetto….but as evidenced by the multitude of spinoff videos made by African Americans…we are calling our names ghetto too. BLAM Fam…do yall see this as a problem…or are these names really “GHETTO” and I’m making it too deep?  Let me know what you think.