Say What??? Beyonce Is Pregnant With Second Child?

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By Team BLAM

O.k…so I just went to the world famous facebook and saw a post saying that Beyonce and Jay are expecting their second child.  I then went to the google machine and typed in (Beyonce pregnant again) and lo and behold about 5 sites came up saying that Beyonce is indeed pregnant.  It seems like media take out was the first to hit the seen with the news on March 16th 2012 and most folks dismissed it as a silly rumor or wild speculation.  Apparently the “reliable” source who informed MTO wasn’t officially told that Beyonce was pregnant but this “undercover informant” is beginning to see the signs that the mega star has a baby on board.

from CelebrityDirtyLaundry:

Beyonce and husband, Jay-Z, are pregnant with their second child. The Crazy in Love singer, and mother to 5-month-old Blue Ivy, is said to be about two months along with her newest bundle of joy. reports that a source very close to the couple confirmed Beyonce will probably spill the baby beans about her new arrival sometime around the end of the summer. Although Beyonce hasn’t told the source flat out she was with child, he said there have been tell tale signs. Apparently the singer has put the kibosh on the drinking. “She didn’t drink any alcohol [for weeks] and we’ve ordered Petrus & Champagne multiple times. And Petrus is her favorite wine! It just wasn’t her.”

And she’s also started taking folic acid pills again. As every woman knows,folic acid pills are primarily used when a woman is planning on getting knocked up or already is.

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