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Are you a Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Aunt, …Ok you get the picture…Are you someone who has something to say about LOVE, MARRIAGE, SEX, SINGLEHOOD, DATING, FAMILY LIFE, PARENTING, OR SIMPLY GOING TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN LIFE OR IN LOVE? If you answered yes to any of the above then join the Black Love And Marriage Team.

Guest Writer Guidelines:

Style/Content: Web reading is a fast environment. Hook the reader with your first two or three sentences so that he/she wants to read more. Most important–don’t try to “sound” like anything or anyone other than who you are. Allow your authentic voice to be heard. Trust us–there are people who want and need to hear exactly what you have to say.

Quick Tip: Use examples and/or personal stories to bring your message to life. Wed theory to practice/personal experience. Our readers want honest, down to earth yet enlightening and practical information that they can put to use immediately.

Article length: We really don’t have a requirement regarding length. However, we’ve found that super long articles don’t tend to do as well. Just look around the site for an idea of how long our articles are.

Editorial Policies: Receipt of an article does not guarantee publication. When you submit your article, you commit to us that your article is your original work.

Submission: All articles received by 12 midnight on Saturdays will be considered for the following week. Notifications regarding when articles will run will be sent out each week on Sundays. Please submit articles via e-mail preferably in the body of the email (i.e., the message area) or, if necessary, as an attachment in a word processing or text file.

Get started! E-mail address is info@bintentional.com or cut and paste your article here.

Benefits for Guest Writers:

1. Acknowledgement If you have your own website you can include a link to it in the author profile at the bottom of the article. If you don’t have a website of your own we can link to another link of your choice eg: your Facebook page, Linkedin.com profile page, Twitter, etc. In either case you can also write a paragraph or two describing yourself at the bottom of the article. We allow guest writers generous attribution. Additionally, we don’t mind if writers want to share the article they wrote via social media or any other outlets they’d like.

2. Increased visitor traffic For those who do have their own website it is highly likely that you will gain some extra visitors since you will get a couple of links back to your website, particularly if the article was really interesting.

3. You find others in your community Since you’re engaging with other readers and blog/business owners, you can expand your community of friends and contacts around your subject matter. This can lead to support, ideas and further guest blogging and networking opportunities.

4. Build your reputation When you pay for someone’s services or products, you usually do so because you trust that business or person. By guest writing, you can build your reputation in that community, boosting the profile of your own personal brand and/or that of your business.

5. Engage with new people Once you’ve written your article, try to respond to the comments and feedback you get on the guest article. Very few people actually leave comments and feedback relative to the actual amount of views a post receives,so appreciate them. You can get involved in interesting conversations, do more networking and possibly earn some business or new friends from it.

6. Build your reputation without a website Guest writing allows you to engage with a community without needing a blog or website. Sure, having a website or blog may help, but you can just as easily promote your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile instead of a website. Running a blog is hard work, but that doesn’t mean you need to run one to take advantage of guest writing opportunities.

7. Grow your resumé & experience If you’re applying for a job that involves writing, editing or similar work, then you can build some relevant experience by writing guest articles. If you’re doing (or looking to do)work in the community that is similar to the content on our site (i.e., singles or couples work, working with families and/or children, working with men or women, insight-oriented/ personal development work, etc.), you are building relevant experience by writing on a platform such as this.


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