BLAM Is Looking For One Lucky Couple To Be Coached For FREE By Ayize & Aiyana In A Google Hangout LIVE On Air Session!

By Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at

Yup, you read that right. We’re looking for one courageous couple to participate in a LIVE On Air Google Hangout with us. You will both share your issue and what you’re having difficulty with in your relationship and we will give you a professional balanced, un-biased real perspective from both a man and woman who are not only professional therapists but are actually married! Meaning we just don’t talk the talk—we walk the walk. So, what does this require from you?

  • Your comfort with sharing your relationship story and issue with the public. Your session will be published online and will be able to viewed by others.
  • Your ability to be transparent and talk honestly about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your willingness to receive constructive and very honest feedback from us–The Ma’at’s. (It may be helpful to watch some of our videos so that you can become familiar with our style.)

Sound like something that would be helpful to you and yours? Your next step is to contact us by either emailing info (at) or CLICKING HERE. Please include Google Hangout Coaching Session in the subject line and we will be in touch. Wanna learn a little more about us? Click HERE.

We know this is going to be amazing!

Stop Playing. Start Pushing.

~Ayize & Aiyana