Marriage Dress Code And Other Rules When Going Out With Your Boo

VIDEO: Today, we’re going to answer a 3 part question that came in from one of our Youtube viewers. From what type of rules we have in our relationship to talking honestly about being attracted to another person—we’re answering all of this viewer’s questions. She says she’s pretty open minded and transparent…but her man is closed mouthed when it comes to telling her what he REALLY thinks of other women. I wonder why ? We think it comes down to one 5 letter word. Hmmm… Should there be “rules” in a relationship? Absolutely. Will they always be the same from relationship to relationship? Not necessarily. However, there are some basics that everyone should be operating from. Here are a few… What are some “Relationship Rules” we missed that have worked (or not) for you and yours? Leave a comment or submit a video response letting us know what you think.

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  1. JeiLThom
    JeiLThom says:

    Today, my wife & I know it's OK to notice & look at other attractive people. I think that's natural — why try to be slick and pretend that we didn't see that cute girl or ridiculously athletic guy walk by. Likewise, I frequently encourage my wife to dress sexy (not raunchy) b/c she naturally is & I know other men (& women) will notice and look at her as well. I want my wife to feel confident & dress sexy like she'd do if she was out with her g/fs. I don't want her to think that she can't accept compliments when she's with me. It enforces the fact that I am with a beautiful woman.

    To say the least, it took us a while to get to this point. My wife wasn't always so open to innocent flirtations from women & other men. And she hated when other women "noticed" me as well. It was subconscious feelings of being very self-conscious about her own body image that we have since discussed extensively.

    Rules are: It's OK to flirt, but keep it clean. If flirting turns to sex talk, be an adult, make sure the other person is aware that nothing physical will happen. We should be able to come home & be comfortable discussing everything that happened at the bar or club. If we ever feel that there's some things that should be "omitted" from an open conversation, then maybe we had been saying or doing something that might have seemed inappropriate to either of us.

  2. Jazmine
    Jazmine says:

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  4. Cynthia
    Cynthia says:

    You two are phenomenal

  5. Jamila
    Jamila says:

    Thank you… I never knew these things personally. I'm always doing the opposite! I give thanks to your words of knowledge so that I too might be enlightened

  6. MzDThatsMe
    MzDThatsMe says:

    Love, love, love this segment… Defer, defer, defer – in that way you can't lose…!!! Ayana… Girl, your hubby isn't by himself, however, I think mine is a bit worse off. I take my rings off at HOME and he doesn't like it… I think if he could have it surgically placed – he would, LOL!

    Gotta' love 'em… I'm just sayin'…

  7. Terrence
    Terrence says:

    This was a great post. I've never thought about the rules, but I guess there are some. I asked for a ring during engagement but after I got it, found out that I was alergic to it. I still have that same ring on about 9 years later, and for the first few years my finger itched, I would get rashes, but my wife didn't care. I did it, but my finger suffered :). I have a problem with a lot of the older guys at my job who don't wear their rings. I'm like y'all are supposed to set an example. They see me as the work preacher anyway though, so I guess I just need to keep doing what I do. Once again great post!

  8. @angdanq
    @angdanq says:

    My husband doesn't wear his ring consistently and it bothers me. Thanks for addressing this issue. I know the ring isn't the sole representation of the marriage but we agreed to wear them as a symbol so let's make it happen! Forgetting the ring should be the exception, not the rule. At least we have another viewpoint now. Thanks for putting this out there.

  9. Shemsut Maat Enkamot
    Shemsut Maat Enkamot says:

    Ayana and Ayize this is Ur Aua-t Shemsut Maat Enkamit. Whew! I have so much to say. But let me just start off by saying you two are a breath of fresh organic air. I love what you all are doing. These Youtube presentations are so great. As a proud elder, mother and grandmother, this is what I want my love ones to hear about relationships. You all are funny, you both look relaxed and most of all you are real. Your topics are relevant and even if I don't agree with your response to every topic, you are putting it out there. That's important. Keep on doing what you are doing. I look forward to your youtube videos.

    • Aiyana
      Aiyana says:

      Shemsut Maat Enkamit

      Heyyy!!!! You don’t know how much your words mean!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. We really appreciate the encouragement. It means the world coming from you!

  10. Fontaine
    Fontaine says:

    First off..Love..Love..Love the braids.. Work honey !!
    I would have to agree with the advise today. I appericate it because I never stopped to think of the rules.. they are not out spoken so you may not pratice them as much but they can hurt the relationship if broken.

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