Sex Addiction: Is It Real Or Just An Excuse For Irresponsible & Reckless Behavior?

“Sex addiction isn’t really about sex. Sex addicts realize that they’re using sex to numb out emotions, escape, feel powerful, loved, wanted, etc. It’s like how alochololics use booze to cope.

If you’ve never experienced it, you’re probably not going to understand.

If you don’t understand, you probably don’t want to believe it exists.

There’s a difference between having a high sex drive and being a sex addict. Look it up.”

“Society should get an award for being the best at labeling things. “addiction?” come on…addiction? this is just excessive brainstorming on how to diagnose MORE people with things to make MORE money. sure being addicted to the feeling you get during sex is very likely, but you should not be administered to rehabilitation for it. if “addiction” is a negative word then you shouldnt be labeled that either. and the word is mostly used to connect a problem with something. please try and send me to rehab being diagnosed with “addiction” to life, how would they treat me, with a gun? lol.”

“People judge what they can’t understand. How is it that we can understand “food addiction” or “shopping addiction” and the things that are happening emotionally and psychologically with people who have those addictions but with sex–where you receive one of the most powerful emotional and physiological feelings known to mankind– an ORGASM–you just can’t be addicted? Give me a break.”

“No woman can ever understand what it’s like to be a man. All men are sex addicts, or they aren’t healthy. Whether you control these animalistic compulsions is certainly going to affect how well adjusted you are to modern society, but claiming you have a problem with addiction is really just a cop-out for not being a stronger person. Most men relieve themselves daily, whether it’s manual or with a partner, and it’s been that way for centuries. One could argue that a strong sex drive means increased likelihood you’ll continue your bloodline. If a man has little or no drive, then he is not as likely to pass his genetic encoding on.”

These are some random comments about sex addiction we picked up from across the web. These comments reflect the great divide there is when it comes to how our society thinks about, approaches, and deals with sex addiction. Just last week they talked about sex addiction on The Today Show. Listen in below and then, as always, let us know what you think. Is sex addiction real or a just a lame excuse?

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  1. Nikki Houston
    Nikki Houston says:

    I have a difference of opinion but I still want to read the book you suggested. Thanks for recommending it.

  2. Ayo
    Ayo says:

    Excuse. Like ADHD, it's a cultural disease. It doesn't exist in Bangladesh or other places where people have only enough money for food, shelter and clothing (and no extra money for trysts). It doesn't exist where societal norms and gender roles are very well defined and deviations from the norm draw quick and sure sanctions. Only the rare rich guy who can afford to fly to Dubai (known as the place "where Muslim men go to sin") have the luxury of claiming the 'disease'. Western psychology is a trip and a half. Recommended read: The Sex Imperative by Mwalimu Bomani Baruti.

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