There’s No Need For New Year’s Resolutions In Our House…We Walk Around Affirming Who We Are And Where We’re Going ON THE REGULAR.

By Aiyana Ma’at

There’s no need for resolutions in our house. We walk around affirming who we are, who we want to be, what we’re gonna have, and what it’s gonna look like on a regular basis–seriously, pretty much like every day. That’s one of the reasons I am so deeply in love with Ayize–he has a mind that sees his goals and destiny like a sharp shooter sees his target. He’s focused and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will keep knocking our goals down one by one when I have a man like him by my side.

At the risk of sounding a little on myself, I have to admit that I’m no slouch either. I’ve always known that I was capable of greatness and that my life would subsequently be great. Why? Just because God made me that way. God made me so that I could fulfill what He put in me. These were lessons that were constantly taught as I was growing up. When I was younger, I remember talking to my Dad about what I wanted to do when I got older and I was thinking out loud about how I would concretely be able to make that happen and each step I would need to take and then I would pause here and there because I wasn’t exactly sure how to make certain things happen. My father then said something that has stayed with me to this very day and guides much of how I live my life. He said: Kai, (that’s my middle name) you don’t figure out what you want to do by trying to figure out the details and whether it’s “do-able” first. That’s backwards.  You think and visualize what you want to do FIRST. Set the goal and then trust and know that the HOW will come. That is how I have lived my life and I have seen great accomplishments and blessings come my way as a result.

There are 3 things that we do in our family and here at to make sure we are in prime  “manifestation mode” 😉





We’re going to be talking more about the extreme importance of these things in the days to come. So, for now remember you should always be striving to go the next level in your life and in your relationship. You’ve got to visualize what that looks like and strategize (get some tools/know-how that you didn’t have before) to get the job done! Let 2012 be your year!

Happy New You!!!!!!!

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  1. Tee
    Tee says:

    I love it gives me a place to see my people empower one another. Thanks for a great year and I look forward to a greater 2012!

  2. Julie Catherine
    Julie Catherine says:

    I totally agree about resolutions, and wrote about that in my blog, too. Here's the link if you want to check it out:

    Love your way of thinking! Best wishes for a wonderful New Year! ~ Julie Catherine

  3. Lila
    Lila says:

    Personally, I've never been a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Because we put so much emphasis on a certain time of year and less focus on what we say we're going to start, end, or change. I agree with you. We need to be making resolutuions on the regular.

  4. Kamara
    Kamara says:

    Love it! I'm with you! I know I'm going places! Happy New Year!

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