Conditional Love Is A Spiritual Contradiction

By Richard Blackstone

The paradigm of unity consciousness and love takes us away from fear and tells us that at our core we are love. This perspective of life says that we are not separate from our source but that we are one with the source and were created with the same powers and abilities as the source. Once again, “because we are one with the source.”

The concept of oneness says that in order for us to know ourselves as the love that is our very core, we must also know what love is not. We have a burning desire to experience what love is. So the opposite of love, which is fear, was created in the relative world for us to experience love.

The core of believing yourself to be separate from all things is fear. The core of believing yourself to be on with all things is love. Fear keeps us separate. Love makes us one.

Love is the glue that bonds us and holds the heavens and the earth together, because love is our very core. When you peel away all the other skins of our emotional onion what is at the core is love. (Love exists in all the other skins of this emotional onion as well)

In order for us to understand the full power and extent of love we have to know that we cannot contain love. If we are going to put such a powerful label on something that we call it the glue that holds everything together, then that glue must have powerful properties indeed. One might say all-powerful properties, truly God-like properties.

And if we are going to say that love is the glue that holds it all together then we cannot put limits on it. Love is limitless in its scope and universal in its inception. Love is everywhere and part of everything. God is love and love is God.

And if love is a part of all that exists, and it is, then there is nothing that love is not, including fear. And all things that are described as fear based, such as anger, hate, greed and coveting are all aspects of love. These aspects of love are in the relative world to show us what love, when experienced in less than pure form, is not.

We experience what love is not when we put conditions on what love really is. It is this conditional love that expresses the aspects of love that we are not. And it is conditional love that we subscribe to in the separation paradigm of the universe, because this paradigm is based in fear. And it is in the fear that we have of a vengeful God that the whole mythology by which we live was originated.

It all starts with the idea that says we are separate from God and dependant upon him for entry into heaven. From the beginning we believe that God has set conditions on his love. God will love you and allow you into heaven if you follow his commandments and if you believe in him the right way. These are the conditions and it’s up to God to judge whether these conditions have been met.

The proponents of the concept of separation tell us that this God is a loving God, but then they set the conditions of his love. One of the conditions is that we must fear him because he may judge us badly. So which is it, a good God who loves us or a God we must fear? This theory tells us it is both, because this God rules with conditional love.

We take this base thought into the world of the relative where we live and project that idea into our love relationships. We have created a concept of love conceived in a fear-based mentality. The concept that we define as “love” can truly be re-defined as “conditional love.” Unfortunately “conditional love” is what dominates our very experience of love.

Our first experience of this conditional love mentality began with our parents and their love for us as children. Their conditioning told them, and they passed on to you, the idea that you needed to act and conform to certain rules and regulations that they knew about but you didn’t.

When you acted within the rules you were given the love reward that you found not only pleasing but that you came to cherish. When you didn’t contain your unconditional love of your newly found earthly experience in a manner that conformed to their rules, (their conditioned love) then the love that you came to cherish was withheld from you. You were held hostage to their love. Sometimes subtle, sometimes brutal, but either way it was a conditioning exercise designed to limit you to experience love as a conditional concept.

As you ventured out into the world you took this fear-based love with you and began using it in your love relationships. You gave out your love conditionally and you received love back conditionally. Even though you could see the consequences of this less than pure love, you felt powerless to stop yourself, because you had been conditioned and the concept is so pervasive that to do anything else seems to go against everything you had been taught.

We have lived so long with this paradigm and its ideas have been so ingrained into the whole strata of our societal thinking that most of the world believes that this is the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it.

The reality is that conditional love exists and pervades our society because that is what we have created. If we want to live in a world of unconditional love and reap the joyful consequences thereof we need merely choose unconditional love and then create that.

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