55 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating On You

55 Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating On You

Here are some signs that can tip you off that you may have a cheating husband or cheating wife. Of course this list is for informational purposes only and should not be used as an excuse to go and whoop your partner’s a$$.  If you’re feeling uncertain about the connection you have with your partner we highly encourage you to be honest about what you’re feeling in a respectful way.  Should you need additional assistance to help you or yall work through your stuff…CLICK HERE to schedule a session with us (Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at)
Signs of a Cheating Spouse:

1) He just got a new cell phone but surprisingly the bill gets sent to his office address.

2) Your partner suddenly starts taking more business trips that last longer.

3) He no longer wants the baby seat in his car.

4) You can’t get your spouse to talk to you anymore.

5) Sex life? You hardly have sex any more.

6) Wow! Your sex life has suddenly taken off.

7) Your partner is paying way too much attention to you.

8) Your partner is ignoring you.

9) Your spouse is neglecting everyday chores and tasks.

10) He starts paying a lot of attention to a clean car. Everything is spotless inside and out.

11) You find you have to readjust the passenger seat every time you get in the car.

12) She seems to be working late at the office more than usual.

13) He has condoms even though you are on the birth control pill. She takes the pill even though you have had a vasectomy.

14) She just got a new male friend but she says not to worry because he’s gay or recently engaged.

15) Your partner is always running late.

16) When your partner comes home his hair is wet.

17) She always seems to be forgetting to wear her wedding ring.

18) He has suddenly taken up jogging when he normally only runs to the fridge.

19) You start smelling alcohol on her breath even though “she came straight home from work”.

20) Your Spidey senses are tingling. You just get the feeling that something is going on with your spouse. Your intuition or gut feeling is talking to you.

21) He starts to buy new clothes and starts looking REALLY, REALLY good.

22) She gets a new email address and doesn’t tell you about it.

23) She races you to the mail box to get the phone bill first.

24) You notice charges on your credit card statement that make no sense.

25) Your spouse seems more secretive. They are definitely hiding something.

26) You can’t get your partner to fight anymore even when you try really hard to make him or her mad.

27) Your partner doesn’t want to go anywhere or do anything with you anymore.

28) He/She goes to another room to make private phone calls.

29) Your partner’s friends seem to be uncomfortable around you — like they know something.

30) You start getting an unusual number of telephone hang-ups.

31) Your partner encourages you to take a vacation alone.

32) Your spouse starts getting defensive when you ask if something is going on.

33) Your partner starts wearing new cologne or perfume.

34) You notice lipstick on his collar, or worse — on his underwear!

35) She deletes the phone log on her cell phone at least 5 times a day.

36) He turns off his cell phone when you are together like he is afraid to take a call beside you.

37) She becomes paranoid and uncomfortable even when you ask the most innocent questions.

38) Your partner spends many hours on the computer or phone after you’ve gone to bed.

39) Your partner has set up special security on the computer that you can’t access.

40) The internet browser history is deleted whenever you go to use a shared computer.
41) Your partner is spending less and less time with you.

42) She never seems to be at her desk when you call.

43) Use your nose. Your partner smells differently when they leave the house in the morning compared to when they come home in the evening. A different cologne or soap smell.

44) Your spouse suddenly becomes interested in new, different types of music.

45) Your partner starts talking differently, using different phrases and sayings and knowing more on a new subject.

46) Your spouse has unusual scratches or bruises on their neck, back or arms and you know the cat is not responsible.

47) Your partner has his/her cell phone locked down better than Fort Knox.

48) He never returns your calls when he’s out.

49) Your spouse’s underwear never makes it to the laundry or it appears to be rinsed before getting to the laundry hamper.

50) He heads to the shower or brushes his teeth as soon as he walks in the door.

51) He starts buying new underwear.

52) She buys new underwear and always wears matching bras and panties.

53) He starts doing his own laundry.

54) Your spouse starts receiving small unexplained gifts.

55) He learns how to remove hair. He now clips his nose hairs, trims his pubic hair and tweezes the hair growing out of his ears.