10 Tips To Make Married Sex……THE BEST SEX!!!

By Aiyana Ma’at

Sex is awesome. Sex is soooo gooood. And sex is the BEST with my husband and best friend Ayize! WHEW! Don’t get me started! We fortunately have always had an intense sexual connection and curiosity that has allowed us to explore freely with each other and go to new unchartered territory and  heights together. We’re not shy about it. And we unapologeticlly  lift up to our married followers that GOOD HOT CONSISTENT SEX IS A MUST! As with all things it won’t “happen” for you if you don’t put time, effort, attention, love and excitement into it! We will be revisiting this juicy topic in July with our upcoming  Sex & Intimacy focus. In the meantime here are some tips to keep the most perfect sex—married sex—hot and interesting!


Keep it pretty

First things first, it’s impossible to have great sex if you don’t feel sexy, so treat yourself to a blowout or some new lingerie, whatever is needed to put the “va-va-voom” back into your step.

Flirt with each other
Make a habit of sending playful, sexy messages to him throughout the day. Make him salivate with anticipation by telling him what you’re wearing and what you want to do to him later.

Set the mood
Don’t underestimate the power of lighting a few candles. Make sure your bedroom is sexy and doesn’t have toys littering it. And turn off the tv

Just kiss
Agree to place a ban on sex for a certain length of time and just kiss and focus on foreplay. Abstaining from sex has the added benefit of charging up both of your libidos.

Surprise him
Don’t wear any underwear and let him find out.

Watch an erotic film together
It doesn’t have to be porn for it to be sexy. Some favorites: Body Heat, Belle du Jour, Last Tango in Paris, Like Water for Chocolate.

Play an adult game
Check out Game night for couples and Games that lovers play for some naughty suggestions.

Discover a new position
There are over 60 different positions in the Kama Sutra, so there’s no excuse to not try a new one at least once a week!

Share your fantasies
A little role-playing can be fun and it doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. Start the fun before you even get home by meeting at a bar and pretending you just met.

Get out of the bedroom
Sometimes a change of locale is all that’s needed to rev up the action. Try having sex somewhere unexpected; just be careful not to get caught!

If any of the ideas makes you feel nervous, then you should definitely try it first. The great part of being with someone for an extended period of time is that you can fully trust and feel safe with him, so don’t hesitate to try something out of your normal comfort zone, especially if it means revving your sex life up!