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Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at are firm believers in the fact that if we, as human beings, want to have the kind of relationships and life that many only dream of–we must Stop Playing and Start Pushing ourselves to the next level.

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Meet The Ma’at’s

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Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at’s love and dedication has been an inspiration to many as they demonstrate their commitment to increasing the quality of relationships throughout the world.


What We Do

Meet The Ma’at’s

Ayize and Aiyana Ma’at’s love and dedication has been an inspiration to many as they demonstrate their commitment to increasing the quality of relationships throughout the world.


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My Husband Sent A Pic Of His Penis To Another Woman…..But Says It Was A Joke

Dear Ma’ats, I have been reading your articles and watching your videos for the past year.  It has really opened my mind and helped me in my personal growth through marriage.  I have a question that I hope you can help me through.  Two years ago I found a phototaken of my husband’s penis that he emailed to another […]

I’m In Love With A Man Who Is Disabled

I’m in love with a man that is disabled . We have been together for over 3 years. Everyone on my side hates him because they say I should be with a man that can support me. I personally love him dearly. He’s great with my children and is loyal and loving to me. As I see it he gives this […]

I’m Getting Married In 1 Month BUT I Don’t Trust My Woman

Infidelity can wreak havoc in your relationship. Once the trust is lost it’s difficult to find. In order to find it…you have to keep looking, keep working, and keep believing that you will one day have it again. It ain’t easy but it’s possible. When you find it…you’ll know. We encourage you to have it…BEFORE […]

My Relationship Feels So Hopeless Sometimes I Feel Like DYING!

VIDEO: Good evening, Thank you for all you do for us struggling couples out here 🙂 We are from Africa, leaving in the US for more than 10years. My husband was raised in a polygamist family and my parents divorced when I was 12. So needless to say, we really do not really have a good idea […]

B Intentional About Your Life

It’s Time To Build

You Are Built For The Next Level

There are times in life that we want to go to the next level but the way there seems more difficult than we think we can handle. It’s at these times that it’s most important to get grounded, center yourself and remember that you are built for the next level.  

How Are You Moving Through Your Meantime?

Getting through the discomfort….the meantime is hard. Especially when there’s so much expectancy, possibility, and becoming awaiting you on the other side. “Becoming” is all about pushing past the discomfort…..the difficulty and making a decision that you’re determined to have your destiny. Be intentional yall!

Aiyana’s Message: You Cannot Change What You Will Not Confront

  Aiyana Ma’at Speaks at Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ for Women’s Day 2014. Her message….You Cannot Change What You Will Not Confront. This message is so appropriate for this time of year as we go within…into the dark and beautiful stillness of Winter……into the dark and beautiful stillness of our minds and spirits […]

Are You Committed? 3 Steps To Achieving Your Personal And Relationship Goals

Commitment….Commitment……Commitment. That’s the mantra in our household these days. Actually, commitment and discipline <—-that’s a big one. Why are we focusing so heavily on commitment right now? Because you’re dead in the water before you even begin—when you don’t have commitment. Simply put. Commitment is Crucial. Listen in as I explore why commitment is so […]

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