Black Man…. Own Your ISH!!

The title of this video really says it all. Black men are Kings. Black men are all dat. And guess what? Black men—we have to take responsibility for ourselves, our stuff, our families, our communities and our impact. #Bottomline #StopplayingStartpushing

Black men it’s imperative that we be accountable and take ownership of our ISH! Take the first step to healing and accountability by joining me at our upcoming online Relationship Round Table. This Round Table is FOR MEN. Hurry….Only 10 seats available. Join us this upcoming Wednesday Nov 8th from 8-10pm where I along with my wife Aiyana Ma’at will lead a group through a transformative group where the fellas will get a chance to share their relationship challenge……receive insight from us and the other brother’s in the group….and be inspiried to revolutionize how you show up for your wife and children. VISIT to get your seat TODAY!!!

We Dare You To Compromise In Your Relationship

Relationships are all about give and take. It’s those folks who are soooo committed to standing their ground that end up standing alone. Learn to compromise yall….it’s critical to your relationships longevity.

Pushing Through Chaos To Experience Connection

Pssst. We’ve got a secret for you. You’ve got to prioritize your relationship. There will always be stress of some sort that you’re dealing with (even the good kind). Always! You can’t wait for things to quiet down. You can’t wait until you handle this bill or that situation. You can’t wait! You’ve got to be intentional about connecting even when you’re confronted with challenges. Connection is the lifeline of your relationship and will sustain you and your sweetie during the toughest of times. But, guess what you don’t get out what you don’t put in. So, CONNECT! Like your life….or YOUR RELATIONSHIP depends on it.  😉 Stop Playing Start Pushing.

Is It Ok For A Wife To Have A Hickey?

Sometimes couples in the heat of the moment get real passionate and leave evidence of their sexual rendezvous. Do you think that it’s ok for married couples to leave a passion mark…..a hickey? Is it all good or is it…. inappropriate? Let us know your thoughts…

Self Esteem 101. STOP Comparing Yourself!

This is for my sistas! From the time we are little we begin the self demeaning act of comparing ourselves to others. It can become a habit and really suck the life out of you and where you’re trying to go. So, just stop! Love, know and accept yourself and the sky is the limit!