How To Know When Your Spouse Really Needs You To Be There

There are certain times in marriage when your spouse needs you. More than they might normally need you. And what do I mean by need you? Well, it can look a number of ways. Every person is different. Perhaps they need you to whisper words of encouragement and confidence when they are having a really tough time at work. Maybe they need you to reach out and give them a reassuring touch to remind them how important and impactful they are when they are doubting their parenting or their relationship with that particularly difficult child. Or maybe they need you to come back and speak love and life to them after a really big blow up where you both said some things that you wish you could take back…. Like I said….every person is different and whether you know it or not it’s your job to pay attention to your spouse and give what’s needed during those times. So, how will you know it’s one of those times?

Here are a couple of quick tips to knowing when your spouse really needs you:

#1 It never fails that when they really need you is when it’s really difficult for you to be there for them. It might be that you have physical obstacles ( a choice between that trip with your friends or stay with your sweetie) or emotional obstacles ( you’re really upset with them and have feelings of your own right when they need you to overcome that and just be there for them). However it happens—-these are sure signs that your boo needs you.

#2 They tell you. Sometimes we dismiss our loved ones as being dramatic, manipulative or just plain old selfish when they say I need you (and let’s be real it doesn’t always come out in a sweet and pleading way does it?) They can be demanding or sulking or whatever but the truth of the matter is they probably really do need you. writers and supporters include husbands, wives, singles, youth, elders and anyone who has a desire to lift up and support black women, men children and families. exists to transform the image and quality of relationships in the African-American community and the nation. Husband & Wife team, Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at, use their platform to address a wide range of issues that exist within relationships. They combine real talk along with insight from their own relationship to provide viewers with the tools they need to take themselves & their relationships to the next level.