Roland Martin Says Black People Are Tired Of Having To Accomodate Racism

This past weekend, CNN’s Roland Martin spoke out about the death of Trayvon Martin and how African-Americans are tired of accepting racism.


Martin said Black people are tired of having to accommodate racism. Listen in and leave a comment with your thoughts.

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  1. kevin
    kevin says:

    I have another question that needs to be asked.Why is nothing being done about this issue when the most powerful man in the world and the top law enforcement officer in the United States of America are both black?

    • Rita
      Rita says:

      As easy as it may sound to handle this situation, even some of Obama's administration have not supported him in the recent past. In any event, I definitely feel your frustration, and I want someone to put Zimmerman's behind in prison for this mess.

  2. Mrs_Sthomas
    Mrs_Sthomas says:

    Crazy! Since Obama became our President, the racism has increased.

  3. Victor
    Victor says:

    Roland speak the truth. I'm tired as hell.

    • casandra
      casandra says:

      i agree w/u victor…im also tired, wish everyone would just speak the friggin truth!!

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