Ayize & Aiyana On Omo Oduduwa Radio Show Tonight! Tune In!!!

We will have the privilege of spending some time on the airwaves this evening with Osaremi Ogunleye Lanloke of Oduduwa Radio. Osaremi is currently host of Omo Oduduwa Radio, which she founded in Spring 2010. We will be talking about the pain & joy that comes along with Moving From “I” To “We”.

Osaremi was born in Oyotunji African Village in Sheldon, South Carolina to Chief Alagba Ogunleye and Ayoka Abiomi Lanloke. Her family taught her everything that they could about the customs and traditions of her ancestors. Osaremi is a priestess of Obatala, teacher, speaker, founder and radio host of Omo Oduduwa Radio.

By trade, Osaremi has extensive experience in cultural event planning, which includes the Awolawo Festival, Harvest Festival and Ancestral Egungun Conference. In 2002, Osaremi founded the Cultural exchange, an events planning ocmpany which produced the 2004 African Women’s Conference, Market days at Lush Life cafe and World Aids day event for Kennesaw State University.