You Down With Public Displays Of Connection?

VIDEO: We’re revisiting an old show today. Why? Because, it is so so important. More important than either you or I can probably grasp. Ask an African-American teenager whether or not they want to get married. Boy or girl, most likely their answer will be a resounding “No”. Shoot…ask a grown man or woman and you’ll more than likely get a blank stare or a  “What for?” Why is this?! Because, what they see of marriage and love in our community is NOT convincing, attractive or positive. Our mentor ,Wedded Bliss Foundation , Executive Director, Nisa Muhammad says that “oftentimes we are not good advertisements for marriage.” We gripe more about the negatives than the positives. Our public display, more often than not, sends the message that we are tolerating each other versus the message that we love, accept, adore, and respect each other.

QUESTION: Have you ever stopped to think about the image that you and your spouse project when you leave out of your front door every day? What does your public display say about you?