Foreplay is a must in sex. This prepares the bodies to enjoy sexual nuances and give each other the much needed warm up time to get into the mood. When you omit it from your sexual experience you rob your partner of  the satisfaction of sensual exploration. If you are a loss on what to do, here are 6 tips to help you engage in sexual foreplay.


1. The Precursor

It’s better to initiate sexual matters rather than waiting for your partner to do the same. Consider for a moment that you and your partner have thoughtfully planned a romantic weekend getaway.Even before you get back home, you start telling him how you are waiting just to grab him and touch and do the things you want to. He would get excited before you lay eyes on him. The stage has to be set for a fantastic evening, stimulating all the senses.Fantasize about sexy scenes and thereby building your anticipation and creativity.

2. Have a Shower

Cleanliness leads to good sexual performance. A shower builds up your senses.It loosens muscles. It naturally increases your blood circulation thereby making you more receptive to sensual touch.

Better still, you could go in for a shower along with your partner, making it a good beginning  foreplay.

3. Bottom up Approach

It has been observed that during the foreplay, a lot of attention is given to face and upper abdominal parts. The lower body parts are neglected. Based on experience, it is always better to start from the bottom. Try out the toes first, then the legs, inner portion of thighs. This is one important erogenous region often neglected.

Kiss the backside of ankles, Blow on back of their knees. Stroking and massaging the inner and outer portions of the thighs helps in increasing the flow of blood to the genitals thereby making the genitals more receptive to touch and orgasm.

4. The Kisses

Start kissing in a very subtle and gentle manner on their lips. Then you can increase the kissing spreading to the back of neck, ear lobes and the love button.You could start using your tongue enticing her to open her mouth. Start pressing your lips against hers with a bit more passion and harder.

Then once the partner is turned on you can move to explore the other erotic portions.

5. Using your teeth

Starts nibbling the breast gently and then slowly graze using your teeth as finger nails on the shoulders arms and hands.

Sucking the thumb creates slowly biting them while removing fro the mouth is very sensuous.

Slowly increase the sensitivity, physical and emotional.

6. Blind folding your partner

Whenever one of the senses is forcefully covered, the other senses heighten up Blindfolding is a good idea. It leads to anticipation as the person would like to use more of touch and feel.

Kissing and rubbing the bodies is a combination used. You could also use a chocolate for taste and as aphrodisiac. Important thing to remember isthat foreplay should lead into an arousal for sexual intercourse. Hence, it should be gradual, slow and involve the bodies, completely exploring the erogenous portions.

Pramod Shet is an Expert at Enhancement of Sexual Performance and have been in this arena for quite some time. Known to be a maverick , his ideas are refreshingly new and bold.