blackloveandmarriage badge code

Here’s the site where I found how to make the badge:

Like what you see? Be a part of the movement that is Grab our badge for your blog or website! Each One. Teach One.
Black Love And

Firstly, you must create or design a badge or image for your blog, a little tip; make your badge suits your blog’s design or what is your blog all about, you can many pictures on the internet that you can edit with paint or some other image editing softwares, and don’t forget to add creativity to your badge to make it look more interesting.

Second, After creating or designing your blog’s badge your next step is to upload it to a free image hosting, such as photobucket, imageshack or flickr, or any other image hosting sites you prefer to use, after uploading copy and paste the image “Direct link” or “streaming link” on your notepad.

Third, now your ready for the coding section and this is how you’ll do it:

Use this template for your Grab my Badge widget:

<p><b>Up for a Link Exchange? Would love to exchange links and/or badges with you! Let me know so I can link you up too!<b></b></b></p>



<textarea cols=”25″ id=”bloglinking” name=”bloglinking” onclick=”this.focus();” onfocus=”” readonly=”readonly” rows=”2″>&lt;a href=&quot;YOUR BLOG ADDRESS HERE&quot; title=&quot;YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE&quot;&gt;&lt;img src=&quot;YOUR IMAGE DIRECT LINK HERE&quot; alt=&quot;YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE&quot; title=&quot;YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE&quot; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</textarea><br />

Copy the code above to notepad and modify it according to your blog, se Legend below:


YOUR BLOG’s ADDRESS HERE: change this into your blog’s url or address such as

YOUR IMAGE DIRECT LINK HERE: change this into the image direct link you created and uploaded earlier. example:

YOUR BLOG TITLE HERE: change this into your blog’s title,.example: Blog Tricks and Tips

Up for a Link Exchange? Would love to exchange links and/or badges with you! Let me know so I can link you up too!: You can change this into anything you like that would make your visitors or friends grab your blog’s badge

Last Step:

Go to your Dashboard->YourBlog->Layout->Add Widget->HTML/JavaScript

then copy and paste the modified code.

That’s it! it will look like the Grab my badge with copy text area just like mine.

Tip: You can exhange badges with the bloggers that are listed on Blogger-Bookmark Links Exchange section.

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