She’s Got More Income And Education……. What About Him?

VIDEO: In the African American community there are many examples of relationships where women have higher incomes and more education than their men. We received a question from a viewer wondering how should she deal with this because it is the reality in her relationship. Listen in and see how we answer.

B Intentional Family, Have you experienced this dynamic in your relationships—past or present? How have you dealt with this? Do you feel that the relationship is less likely to work out when the woman has more education and makes more?

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  1. jene26
    jene26 says:

    good points, but i believe in old school living. I think the country needs to go back to the days when it was OK for wives/moms to be at home and the husbands/fathers were the breadwinners. Life was so much simpler back then.

  2. blackmotherwife
    blackmotherwife says:

    but what about the growth that happens or does not happen timely. what about the frustrations of paying bills and maintaining the household if there is not enough income. what about expectations not being met and then money is short? i know loving your man is a good thing but what about the other "stuff" that comes along with the lack of funds when the dreams and vision are taking a bit longer to turn into expectations met?

    next…have your answered or touched upon brothers not finding work…after they've looked for over a year? i know a brother…husband and father of 2 who parks cars and jumps off of delivery trucks in peak delivery season to bring in some quan…he has a masters degree and has held some good positions with top companies but cannot get a "real" gig to save his life. economy? racism? WTF? and this family is holding it down together because, per them, in God they trust.

  3. Kamira
    Kamira says:

    Great video. I'm in the same situation. I just got engaged and 2x my b/f has lost his job due to the economy. I know he feels down, but I do remind him he's priceless in value because of his integrity, loyalty and emotional availability and will be a great husband. Others don't quite get it because they focus on materialistic values. I agree , the couple that can grow together and love will succeed.

  4. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Very educative and informative thanks for this video its gonna help millions
    God bless you

  5. warren otis fisher
    warren otis fisher says:

    i loved this couples conversation …. i was NOT offended when the husband said he had more common sense than his wife. i think it was a relationship's accessment and not a universal statementment of everyone's situation. google me at: "warren otis fisher" and listen to my jazz band tribute for SINATRA !

  6. CWArmsttrong
    CWArmsttrong says:

    This couple made some great points; however, I was offended when the husband made the comment that he'd like to believe that he has more common sense than his wife. He is street smart and she is book smart. Why is it assumed that if someone is book smart, that they do not have common sense? Personally, I think this showed his insecurity while his wife sat beside him building him up.

  7. Xman
    Xman says:

    Women who hold their purse over their partners head are doomed for divorce. Men have big ego's.

  8. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    Excellent points…

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