A Surprise Proposal At A Wine Tasting

Check out this surprise marriage proposal video from Derek and Grace.

Here’s the deal:

Derek secretly contacted family members and friends to meet him at a local park to surprise his girlfriend of 2 years Grace with a special marriage proposal.

Grace thinks she is going to a wine tasting party with Derek’s sister, but she’s actually coming to her surprise marriage proposal.

from Ballerwives.com

3 replies
  1. Tonya Williams
    Tonya Williams says:

    Extremely sweet, I wish them the best!

  2. Minilee
    Minilee says:

    I can't wait til my day. Hubby what's the hold up? lol

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    I loved the way he knelt in front of her and leaned in to her as he proposed. Beautiful

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