Alicia Keys Shares How Finding Her Soulmate Has Been A Freeing Experience

In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, Alicia Keys provides a glimpse into her personal transformation and credits her husband, Swizz Beatz and their baby Egypt with helping her to become a “Brand New Me”.  Alicia says:

“Finding my soul-mate, finding the love of my life has been a freeing experience because of the way we identify [with] each other and understand each other. It’s so rare that you feel like you can be your whole self [with someone]. I can be my whole self, he can be his whole self. I don’t have to be half of myself, he doesn’t have to be half of himself. We can just be ourselves and so that alone [is a different feeling].  He’s actually taught me so much… He has that kind of a carefree easy-going spirit that has definitely taught me to be a little bit a little more [easy-going], which is great.

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