VIDEO: LA Laker’s Head Coach Mike Brown’s Wife Shares About Her Relationship & Life As A NBA Coach’s Wife

Carolyn Brown, wife of Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown, sat down with and dished on how they first met and talked about life as a NBA coach’s wife.

Carolyn Brown went to the University of Colorado, where she first studied psychology and then switched to English, with the goal of becoming a teacher. But deep in her heart, she knew what she really wanted to be was a wife and mother.

She met Mike Brown when she was 23. They were in a bar in Denver, and the fact that the two of them were actually in a bar on the same night qualifies as somewhat miraculous, since neither really frequented such establishments. She told Brown she had a boyfriend, but he didn’t believe her.

A determined and chatty sort, he knew he was making progress when her one word answers became two. He eventually walked her to her car and offered tickets for her and her alleged boyfriend to come see the Nuggets, where Brown was working as a video coordinator. She accepted and then offered him a ride to his car. But he was so embarrassed by the beat-up old pickup truck he was driving that he declined. He probably floated back there anyway.

“I thought she was amazing,” he said.

The next night, they talked on the phone for hours.

“That was it,” Carolyn Brown said.

They met on a Thursday and by Tuesday they were inseparable. He was attracted by her intelligence and authenticity. She liked how easily she could talk to him.

“Carolyn didn’t ever really get too serious too fast, so for her to do something like that was pretty out of character,” Lockley said. “So I was shocked. I knew that he had to be a good guy for her to fall like that. After I spent time with him, I could see why. He’s just a genuinely nice person.”

The couple married and had the two boys. They left Denver for Washington, D.C., when Cameron was 2 months old. This is their fourth team in nine years, but it’s the longest they’ve lived anywhere.

“I think you do get used to it,” said Carolyn Brown, who has used her interior-design skill to make each of their houses dramatic and cozy at the same time. “You learn that inside your house is really your home. We’ve always looked at it as an adventure. There’s new people you get to meet and lots of new experiences. You get to see another part of the country. We’ve always looked at it as a blessing.”

She also considers it a blessing that she is able to spend the kind of time she can spend with the boys, instead of having to be gone from home working long hours like her parents did.

“The boys are it for me,” she said.

Elijah is more outgoing like Mike, Cameron is quieter like Carolyn. She doesn’t spoil them. She won’t let them attend games on most school nights and she makes sure they write thank-you notes promptly.

All of them are adjusting to a much more public life than they’ve known.

“That’s the hardest part,” she said. “Mike and I are private people. Our favorite place to be is at home, although Mike might say second would be in the gym with one of our kids. But we are not very social people. Anywhere with just the four of us is the greatest place for us.”

Congrats to the Brown family. They recently purchased a $3-million home in a gated Anaheim Hills community.


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