Is It Too Late For A Habitual Cheater To Change His Ways?

VIDEO: Cheating is not a new phenomena….it’s been happening for a long time by both men and women. In nearly every situation when cheating occurs….someone almost always gets hurt whether the couple is married or not.. How do you deal with the pain that habitual cheating causes in a relationship when you are the one that has caused the heartbreak? Usually the person that causes the pain wants to rush through the anguish, get beyond it, and go back to normal happy land as soon as possible. However, that’s unfair to the person whose been hurt. You have to respect the process and know that if you want the relationship to be right you’ve gotta GET RIGHT and really B Intentional about closing the gap that now exists between you and the one you’ve hurt. What does it really mean to GET RIGHT? Does it mean that you instantly pledge to never hurt or be dishonest again? Does it mean that you plead and beg for forgiveness so that your loved one can see that you understand the error in your ways? Perhaps it means that if you’re not married—you should propose and attempt to now get married so that the other person can see that you are dead serious about living right and being committed now—NOT! None of these are true and genuine ways to GET RIGHT. The only way to truly GET RIGHT is to put on the cloak of self-awareness and submit to the pain-staking process of self-examination. Until you truly look at yourself for who you are (and perhaps who you’ve become) real change will be elusive and hard to maintain. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge and you can’t maintain what you don’t understand. Therefore, it stands to reason, that you must acknowledge that something is not right inside of you and endeavor to understand exactly what it is. The habitual cheater almost always has an unbearable bottomless hole within themselves that they are desperately and unconsciously trying to fill. Until you do the work to find out where the hole came from in the first place and then learn how to fill it the right way—from within permanently—you will be stuck in this vicious cycle of bringing hurt to the one you say you love because you haven’t dealt with the hurt that’s inside of you. What’s your take on this issue? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment or submitting a video response.