BLAM Movie Review Of Russ Parr’s “35 & Ticking”

By Team BLAM

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to check out the independent film “35 & Ticking” by  radio personality and filmmaker Russ Parr. I must admit that as soon as we heard it was by Russ Parr we made a commitment to go and see it. #1 because it’s a movie that is centered around love, friendship, relationships, and family and #2 because when a person of color attempts to take a step into the unknown and make a part of their vision a reality we personally feel compelled to support the dreamer and the dream. I am so glad that Russ dared to dream and make this film. My husband and I bot enjoyed it and are happy to have been able to support it.

Set in a big urban city, the film features an all-star cast led by Kevin Hart, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones and Keith Robinson, as a group of close -knit friends in their mid-thirties who hear the clock ticking as they try to find lasting love. All the different relationship prototypes are represented; Cleavon (Hart), lovable, but clueless to the fact that his donating sperm does not constitute a real job; Zenobia (Parker), a successful TV news anchor in search of Mr. Right; Phil (Robinson) , a hard-working, blue-collar man struggling to raise two children alone after being abandoned by his wife, and Victoria (Jones), a woman desperate to have a child of her own in a doomed marriage.

This film receives the BLAM seal of approval because:

*The relationship dynamics depicted were real (trust us–we know) and reflected things that real life folks are struggling with every single day.

*While everyone didn’t perhaps resolve their issues in their “preferred” way–the issues were brought to genuine resolution and the movie ended with my feeling hopeful and happy about the “plight” of each person/couple.

*The film balanced just the right amount of humor and thought provoking content to make you laugh and say Hmmm at the same time.

Also, there was one particular part in the film that the average viewer might think is quite ordinary and not pause to think about but it spoke volumes to me. I’ll just say this: When Meagan Good’s character finds out that Kevin Hart’s character did not have the job he had eluded to early on in their relationship her response was golden. She didn’t go off, She didn’t drop him like a bad habit. She simply and lovingly challenged him to step up his game—and he did. Lots of lessons there…

We can’t take our hats off enough to Russ Parr over here at BLAM. We are just so proud of this accomplishment and wish him all the best as he travels his path in life. “35 And Ticking” is the most recent film released through AMC Theatres‘ innovative AMCi program for independent filmmakers. The film is also recipient of the African American Film Critics Association “Seal Of Approval” for its positive portrayal of African American images in cinema.

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  1. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    I will definitely go check it out. Love to support.

    In response to the PP, it is absolutely realistic to stick with a man that is not gainfully employed when you meet him. The question is whether he is employable, and wanting to be employed.

  2. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    This review has me interested. I'm gonna go check it out. That piece about Kevin Hart and Meagan Good has a big question mark hovering above my head. Is that realistic?

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