Ayize Interviews Ken Bevel, Co-Star Of The Hit Movie “Courageous”

Sit back and enjoy a conversation I (Ayize Ma’at) had with the Co-Star of the hit movie “Courageous”, Ken Bevel. This movie has revived the dialogue across the country about fatherhood and it’s importance in developing healthy families and building strong communities. This movie was tight…with a CAPITAL “T” I thoroughly enjoyed it and was emotionally moved on many levels to examine myself and challenge myself not to be just a good father….but instead be a great father. If you haven’t seen the movie yet…GO CHECK IT OUT. It’s playing in theaters nationwide.

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  1. Taihessa Lee
    Taihessa Lee says:

    I heard him on my favorite new station 105.1 fm…love the tribute he gave to his dad publicly

  2. Janice
    Janice says:

    Awesome film and two awesome brother's in this interview. Thank you Ken for your ministry. This movie and Fireproof have both been a blessing to my marriage.

  3. Timothy
    Timothy says:

    Great interview Ayize. This movie was powerful. I saw it last week and realized that I have a lot to do to become a great father

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