Can A College Degree Increase Your Chances Of Getting Married?

By Kait Smith

Good news for the educated women of the world — that so-called “marriage gap” has finally closed.

If you’re scratching your head at this, allow me to explain. Back in the 1950s, white women who were college-educated were 15 percent less likely to marry by 40 than their high-school graduate peers. So, essentially, while some were off fetching degrees and the promise of a better future, others were focusing on husband-hunting and saying, “I do.”

But, after years of gradual shrinking, that gap has finally closed, according to a new study from sociologists at NYU (conducted on women of all races, thankfully). In fact, those of us with fancy college degrees apparently have more marriage staying power (meaning fewer divorces or untimely husband deaths) — 75 percent of college-educated women today are married by age 40, as opposed to 70 percent of high school graduates and 60 percent of high school dropouts.

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