Do Black Men Hate Black Women?

VIDEO: Here, we explore the notion that a growing number of black men HATE black women. When we take into consideration the music, the videos, and the straight up foolishness we see in our community…it’s easy to see why some may suggest that misogyny (the hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women) is an unfortunate pervasive reality for black folks. We wonder….is it really that pervasive?

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  1. talia
    talia says:

    Everyone has made great points but I wanna add something to the conversation. I don’t believe all black hate black women however I do hear a lot of black men say ‘black women are this and black women are that’d. Look don’t belittle your own race to justify why you are dating another race. You wanna date someone of a different race and culture, then do you quietly. I just feel that when a black man say that they are slapping their mama’s face and the prolific black people who have fought for our freedom and the freedom for the black man to date a white woman. I love black men, I ride for them and feel they a lot of times get a bad wrap but if come at me fixing your lips to say some b.s. like that I will politely tell you about yourself and keep it moving!

  2. malcom
    malcom says:

    they call the police. they (black women) tell to many lies, love the white men, kind to the devil, and the white men let them have everything.

  3. Aiyana
    Aiyana says:

    I whole-heartedly agree with you on how the media makes things worse than they really are by always discussing our issues from a certain angle/light. I just read an article yesterday that quoted the last U.S. Census stats and revealed that there are actually more never married black men in this country than never married black women! But, if you listen to the news these days you’d think that this is a “single successful black woman” issue. Black folks can’t afford to take in and believe every thing reported and given to us…we just can’t. On another note, a big CONGRATULATIONS to you Stacy, fellow social worker :-), on getting your Master’s in Social Work!! I’ve been in this field for over 10 years now and what I love most is how diverse social work is. You can do so many things with an advanced social work degree. Peace, Productivity, & Blessings to you in all that you do! 🙂
    .-= Aiyana´s last blog ..What Black Men Think: Public Service Announcement =-.

  4. Stacy Australia
    Stacy Australia says:

    Sorry, I was so caught up in the video I forot to mention I agree with what you are saying Ruby.

  5. Stacy Australia
    Stacy Australia says:

    I so agree with you sister Aiyana!!!! I do not think black men hate women but they are misguided. I do not want to blame it all on the men because both men and women are to blame. Some of these women allow the misogyny, if you do not require men to treat you better then he will continue to “hate you.” If he is treating you bad girl move on. I know it is easier said than done but your train people on how to treat you. If you are constantly accepting less from men then you will constantly get less.
    I strongly agree with the comment you made about the people you surround yourself with. If you are surrounding yourself with craziness then you will continue to have craziness in your life. I love Stacy Australia and I love the black culture but we have to do better overall and get beyond what the media portrays. Yes we know it is mistreatment among our culture but I feel the media makes it so much worse than what it is (ex all the articles, “studies”, and “documentaries about the struggle of the black woman especially the “successful single black woman”- when no one interviewed my friends and me-but that is another topic).
    Anyways, I love what you guys are doing. It is really inspiring me to do more as a recent MSW graduate. I actually wrote a post about it on my blog (that is scheduled to post tomorrow, I think).
    Have a good day and stay blessed.
    .-= Stacy Australia´s last blog ..Big Girls Do Cry (Black Women and Depression Part 4) =-.

  6. Ruby GRIFFIN
    Ruby GRIFFIN says:

    You’ll point was excellent,and that you’ll took the words out of my mouth.all black men don’t hate black women,it’s that the way they conduct themselves,,that you want to tell them to run they head into your hand,and flap them back into reality…if you want to be treated a certain way,be careful of ,whom you choose to be your soulmate….If you want to learn the men you’re dating,focus on his family,the way he treated his sister,his mom,his dad,or even his ex,and if he disrespect himself,then who are you…if you hang at the club,you going to get alcoholic,if you hanging,with a gang,you going to get a thug,so if you get knock around a little,who do you blame,but self…for not having self-knowledge,and unconitionally self love…Black men love black women,the question is ,Do black women love themelves,of whom they are?

  7. Wordna Warren
    Wordna Warren says:

    Taking a little break from the monotony of the workday and wanted to drop you two a line. Aiyana, I think that you were dead on with what you were saying about who and what we are surrounding ourselves with that portray these messages. I think that often many of the black women who hold this view have experienced or even simply heard about a circumstance in which it seemed that a black man was hating/hating on black women and ran with it. Rather than seeking out the counterexample of that some of these women expect that all black men are this way and thus spark a self-fulfilling prophecy by seeking men who are this way to prove their preconceived notion or even bringing certain qualities out in good men that will also validate their views. I think it is easier to seek and find the worst, than to hope and pray for the best, especially when it comes to relationships.
    I think that women (and men) have to “push” themselves to go beyond what’s placed in front of them and know that who and what they want in a relationship is out there.

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