Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama, Allison Mathis, Has Applied For Food Stamps

Misfortune has struck Miami’s Heat star Chris Bosh’s 3-year-old daughter, Trinity.

Little Trinity lives with her mother Allison Matthis in Florida and due to her mother’s recent job loss at a construction company and her home being up to foreclosure, she’s been forced to apply for food stamps.  Having a child with such a well known star, one would usually suspect there was no need to apply for food stamps; she should be getting enough from him in child support.  In fact, according to the state guidelines, a person in Bosh’s status, whose yearly salary is around $18 million, should be paying around $30,000 monthly in child support.  So what has happened?

Matthis’s lawyer, Jane Carey speaks out about her ordeal.  “Believe it or not, Bosh pays her a mere $2,600-a-month in child support!” she exclaims.  “My client just lost her job and applied for food stamps for her and Mr. Bosh’s daughter. She’s about to be foreclosed on, he won’t help her and all he wants to do is go to London with his daughter. Are (you) kidding?”

Like typically estranged parents, both Bosh and Matthis have been in and out of court for everything, from child support to time spent with the child.  The recent debate has been about Bosh wanting to take 3-year-old Trinity with him to London in order to watch the Summer Olympics with her.  Florida judge ruled against Bosh’s request however to take his child out of the country.

Carey has now returned back the courts and is asking an adjustment be made on the child support due to its ridiculously low amount for a man with his type of salary.  A judgment has yet to be made for this adjustment so in the mean time, Matthis has taken the alternative route of asking for help while she awaits the judges decision.


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  1. Yana
    Yana says:

    Eh, I'm kinda torn on this one. While I think it would be really nice and generous of him to help get her house out of foreclosure, I don't think it's necessarily his responsibility. Just because a woman has a baby with a baller doesn't automatically make him her cash cow. I also don't understand why the child isn't allowed to go to London with him?

  2. Jacquelyn Marie
    Jacquelyn Marie says:

    They are both just acting out and need to do better because this is about the child not their inmature attitudes. She is purposely trying to draw attention…no county is going to give her foodstamps with making $2,600 a month and a daddy in the NBA…just stop it! Chris B. make sure your daughter is living the life style that you live; your on the road to much, so they more than likely won't give you full custody. Parenting is the most important job you will ever do, and sometimes that means you have to bite the bullet, suck it up, grow up and put the baby first! ijs

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