Life’s Essentials With Ruby Dee: A Story Of Love, Art, & Activism

By Muta’ Ali

Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee are legends of the stage and screen. Throughout their careers, which span over six decades, Ossie & Ruby have helped pave the way for generations of young black actors, filmmakers and activists. I know Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee simply as Grandpa and Gram Ruby.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to examine more deeply the lives and careers of my grandparents and, with my grandmother Ruby, explore the pivotal, personal and professional choices she and Ossie made that lead them to achieve success in their marriage, their careers, their contribution to the civil rights movement and more.

The hope is to, through documenting their story, discover the secrets of divine love; romantic, professional, spiritual, communal, and self love. By telling the story of their marvelous lives and juxtaposing past with present, I’ll learn for myself and everyone who looks on what is essential to life and to love.

We will screen a portion of this documentary at a reception/screening in New York this October 2012 to honor my grandmother on her 90th birthday (October 27th, 2012).

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