Cocktails For Grown Folks: Make It A Double!

By Ericka Beckwith & Robin Hunt

Sometimes one straight cocktail filled with the highest premium liquor just isn’t enough and for this version of Cocktails for Grown Folks so the Divas are going to pour a double shot for this one. Here’s the cocktail we desired this week, you make it a double if you want…

The Dirty Martini is a classic that is a simple and popular variation of the original Martini It is called dirty because of the olive juice which adds a more olive flavoring than the straight Martini with olives soaking in it. This cocktail can be easily ruined if too much olive juice is used, so go easy on it and you and your sweetie will have one of the best cocktails ever.












Ericka Beckwith & Robin Hunt are an integral part of the writing team here at They love good cocktails and great get-togethers (aka parties). They are moms, reality show junkies and together manage the blog Cocktails And Conversation along with their BlogTalk Radio show by the same name.