How Do You Stay Lifted?

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VIDEO: How are you staying lifted? Are you being intentional about taking your life to another level? What are you focusing on? What is inspiring you? Anytime I ask a question of you it means I’m currently asking myself the same question. So, the words that have been imprinted across my brain lately are: “Aiyana, how are you staying lifted? You gotta stay elevated! Don’t stay stuck!! Keep it moving!” That’s where I’m at right now family. With a company to run, a new website launching in a matter of days, a business partner (that would be my husband…smile) to work with, a hubby to please, 4 children to care for, and my own spirit to nurture…..there are a whole  lot of balls I stay juggling.

But, you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have to keep pressing, keep moving and stay on purpose. This video today is a reminder to you (me) that the only way to do that is by staying lifted. Keep it intentional ya’ll!

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  1. dinmab
    dinmab says:

    I loved this post. Thank you so much Aiyana! Will be following your new site.

  2. tweezee 1976
    tweezee 1976 says:


  3. pretydougla
    pretydougla says:

    I have to continually remind myself of what my? goals and objectives are. I also do a lot of reading that motivates me to keep moving forward. I look for videos, movies and even songs that are inspirational.

  4. Kamirarenee
    Kamirarenee says:

    I stay lifted my listening to uplifting music or writing in my journal. I also remember that God? didn't do it all in 1 day so take one thing at a time.

  5. ShaniKeys
    ShaniKeys says:

    Mostly through prayer? but also by watching motivational videos on youtube and listening to uplifting music. This summer I plan to read motivational books and the entire Bible! #purposepusher

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