It’s Shout Out Sunday! We’re shouting out Eboticon LLC!!! Won’t He Do It!

By Aiyana Ma’at

I am so LOVING Eboticon LLC right now!  They have developed a new app that is culturally sensitive to persons of color and lets black folks say things the way we say things when using social media! Go DOWNLOAD THE APP today!!!! Check them out!

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.06.45 PM


(From Left to Right) John, Tracey, Jarryd & Antoinette AKA Team Eboticon

Team Eboticon created an app that lets you say all the things you’ve been wanting to say but simple static emoticons wouldn’t let you. With over fifty animated Eboticons, we’re pretty sure you’re finally going to be able to get your message across. So check us out in the App Store and don’t forget to send us your suggestions for the next Eboticon at, or by posting to our Facebook wall. [From]

Learn more about them at

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