Dear Black Woman…I Didn’t Understand, But I’m Improving

It’s Shout Out Sunday here at BLAM and we’re shouting out John Rewind Gunter! There are so many images of black men out there that are negative, uninspiring, demeaning and life draining. If we paid attention to those images and those images only we would fail to see the beauty and strength and brilliance in our men. There is nothing like a black man paying honor to his black woman. Nothing like it. So, when  John Gunter reached out to us to share his art we knew instantly that we wanted to help amplify his message….

And his message….it is oh so very powerful. Its a message elevating and uplifting black women. It’s a message that cherishes and celebrates black women. We salute John Gunter for his salute to black women everywhere! Check it out.


John “Rewind” Gunter, Jr. is an IT Security Engineer for a Fortune insurance company. During the weekends(and by night) he transform into a Rapper, Spoken Word Artist, Author and Professional Speaker(whatever that means). He’s been married for almost 3 years  and is a father of a 9 month old daughter. All social media handles are @TheRealRewind. You can visit him at