Reality Show In Review: Jimmy & Chrissy-A Hip Hop Love Story?

By Ericka Beckwith & Robin Hunt

Anyone that knows us understands that we love reality TV. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop falls right into that category.

Now on last week’s show Jim Jones surprisingly proposed to his longtime girlfriend…er… um fiancé Chrissy. Chrissy had ahh… proposed to him a few seasons ago and was eagerly awaiting his “Put A Ring On It” moment. She was actually getting quite tired of waiting and took a girls weekend to Miami to let off a little steam. Well, at dinner one night Jimmy pops up outta nowhere and takes her to the side and whips out one gorgeous ring (and I do mean gorgeous)! Of course she agrees and we the loyal watcher were left to think, “Hmmmm was this all just a little bit staged??” I mean she really had to give him the business to realize she was DONE and ready to get him on one knee or she was gonna walk. Is this what it’s come to ladies? Now I’ll admit prior to receiving my marriage proposal to my now ex-husband I did give him the “ish or get off the pot” speech but at the time he had already picked out the ring and told the parents he wanted to marry me – even though I didn’t know.

So I understand Chrissy’s angst but what I don’t understand about this duo is that SHE actually asked HIM to marry her. Yeah you gotta go for what you want ladies but some things just need to be a man’s job. How can we expect him to do what he is called to do by God if he can’t make the step to say,“You are what God designed for me and I wanna put a ring on it.” ? That’s what we need to hear not, “Okay girl since you have hung in there here you go.” Any Martin fans out there? Remember that first proposal Martin gave Gina? The one where he said…”Damn! Gina, here is the ring what else do you want?” Well to me that is what Jimmy might as well have said to Chrissy because this staged attempt at a proposal wouldn’t be the one I wanted, sorry being a little spoiled and selfish here but Prince Charming needs to be that CHARMING! So Chrissy and Jimmy I wish you well… I really do but make sure you are getting the spiritual blessing on your marriage that is so needed in today’s time of jump-offs, groupies and the like.

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  1. Charming
    Charming says:

    I have been in a relationship for the past 6 1/2 years, and yes I believe we have been at the marriage point and I am not afraid to ask him to marry me. In fact if he doesn’t ask me I will ask him, because he is my King and he knows I’m his Queen. So when Jim gave Chrissy the ring I was happy for her…

  2. Jakki
    Jakki says:

    I like these two together. I believe this is a prime example that love may not show up or look the way society says it should look. As long as the two people involved know what it it is, that's really all that matters in the end. Jim isn't that getting down on one knee kind of guy, and I give him props for putting his image and ego away for a minute; given her what she desired…I love it, I'm a sap for love anyway…Their chemistry feels real to me, I could be wrong, but I don't think I am…Congratulations to the both of them. It is many women sitting at home alone waiting on Prince Charming, he may not ever show up like that, but that doesn't mean he loves you any less, in my opinion.

  3. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    We can’t pick and choose when we feel traditionalism should kick in. Nowadays living together, single-motherhood, and babies before marriage are well accepted states of being. I won’t judge how she got her proposal if it hasn’t hurt anyone. The time to judge what women have allowed has passed. At some point we have to put our foot down and come back to our own self- respect. What happened on that camera will encourage lots of women off camera to demand what they want in a relationship. Now choosing well is a whole different discussion that needs to be had to stop all these divorces.

  4. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    I think another 8 years will pass before he actually marries her…just how I see it. Later she had a nerve to complain and say she wants another ring since the one she has now is too big. She should be grateful he finally gave her that but with a comment like that she is not ready. It is all a title and image for her.

  5. Nuli
    Nuli says:

    That "Oh by the way" acceptance was some shizzle. Man up Jim.

  6. Yana
    Yana says:

    I agree that the whole thing was staged. I also have to wonder if he would have done all that if there were no show. He knew and she knew that a proposal from him would be a ratings phenomenon, which it was. When he actually marries her is when I will beleive that he wants her for his wife. After waiting that long, I see no point in being engaged, just another stall tactic to me like Yandy said….

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