“The Obamas” – A Look Inside The First Family’s Marriage?

New York Times journalist Jodi Kantor’s new book,“The Obamas,” purports to reveal the inner workings of the first family’s relationship.

But is it ever really possible to get inside someone’s marriage — especially that of the President and First Lady?

Given that Kantor didn’t interview the Obamas for her book, (though she says she has previously spoken to both Michelle and Barack about their marriage), it’s unclear how much this tell-all will truly reveal (the book hits stores on January 10).

“The Obamas” has already garnered criticism from several corners. David Remnick of The New Yorkerwote: “Such books regard more earnest matters like history, context, and ideas the way a child looks at a plate of Brussels sprouts.” The Washington Post criticized Kantor for discounting the importance of getting an interview with the Obamas for her book. CLICK HERE to read more.