Dealing With An Insecure Wife

“My wife appears confident and assured to the outside world but is insecure within our relationship” writes this husband. What does one partner do when you know that your spouse has issues around how they truly see themselves and feel about themselves AND it’s taking a toll on the relationship? What if that spouse is unable to see what you see and to top it off  is very defensive when you try to bring things to her attention? Listen is as The Ma’at’s share their thoughts.

QUESTION: How do you handle the hang ups of your mate? Do you ignore them or insist that they confront them?

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  1. Shane Hayes
    Shane Hayes says:

    I've had a situation in my relationship where my girlfriend had a lot of "guy friends". That's cool and all however, I felt like some of them got more attention than I did., which made me sort insecure. Also on facebook she would say some things on dudes pages that would have any man thinking "what is this" ,and didn't want me to bring up what she did on facebook at all. She would say "girls fall back" on some dudes page and one time she thought it was funny to be pregnant by some other dude. I'm like where's the joke in that. How can I explain better that I don't like this and how it makes me feel?

  2. Cato
    Cato says:

    We all should feel good about ourself. But as loving spouses we should always make our spouses feel loved and comfortable.

  3. France
    France says:

    Great advice as usual…..keep up the much needed work.

  4. themakerofmine
    themakerofmine says:

    Thank You

  5. dgillison
    dgillison says:

    I LOVE YALL!!!! The Work You Are Doing Is Amazing!

  6. Ayize Ma'at
    Ayize Ma'at says:

    @ Sweet T
    I agree whole heartedly. It’s important for your spouse to create a safe space in the relationship….that safe space creates breathing room for both individual and collective growth.

  7. Sweet T
    Sweet T says:

    It is my belief that individuals are responsible for their own happiness and self-esteem; however it is the spouses obligation to make each other feel secure within a marital relationship. Whatever it takes!

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