What Women Don’t Know About Men

By David Osterczy

A quote attributed to the great George Carlin states that “Men are all stupid and Women are all crazy. And the reason women are all crazy is because men are all stupid”  I’d like to add a few words to this sage verbiage: “And when the few men who are not stupid run into the women who the stupid men have turned crazy, those men in turn suddenly become stupid.”
It’s a defense mechanism and we, as men have learned to use it effectively.
Y’see ladies, men occasionally become overwhelmed with the mixed signals that society thrusts on them “be strong, be a man, be a leader, be tough, aggressive in business, provide for your family, fight the fight, be a protector, be successful” and other badges we must wear, while we also hear “be gentle, be kind, be attentive, warm, caring, affectionate, emotionally available, empathic, know what she wants before she asks, be a great father/son/brother/friend, be sensitive to her needs” and so many more.

And yes, this does drive us crazy!
Speaking personally as a man raised mostly by women (mother, grandmother, aunts) I developed many of the latter qualities, and less of the former. It took me many years, many failures, and lots of time spent with strong, masculine men to “find my balls and my voice.”
You see I never needed to find my balls before because there was always a willing woman in my life to locate them for me. I was effeminized as are so many men in today’s society and needed to find my own answers. I can tell you that it was a very painful road but the benefits of becoming a man amongst men, a leader of men, and a “go to guy” has changed the type of woman I attract.
You may not realize it ladies, but you are stronger than us. You are more outgoing than us. You have more drive, more “stick-toitiveness” and you may be smarter than us. We are, as men, and at the end of the day – all little boys searching for the little girl who just wants to come out and play nice with us.

When we are sick we just want someone sweet to take care of us. Make me chicken soup (organic, of course) and I will develop a very soft place in my heart for you and brag about you endlessly to friends and family.
When we are blue we need a soft shoulder to cry on (even when we say we don’t). We don’t always know what we need so we need you to be smart enough to feel, to read between the lines, and to be our Amazon when we fall.
When we are tired from working ridiculous hours we just want a pretty face and a warm, gentle touch to rub our long-day out of our back and shoulders.

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