Who Said Black Men Lack Self Control When It Comes To Sex? Meagan Good’s Husband Opens Up About How Long He Had Been Celibate

There’s a reverberating myth bouncing around the black community that black men lack self control when it comes to sex.  I can attest…it’s a damn lie.  Of course overgeneralization is an error when it comes to any substantive research but for some odd reason this particular myth seems to stick around.  Maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the videos, maybe it’s real life experiences….whatever it is let’s keep in mind that isolated incidents don’t represent the whole.  Again all black men ain’t dogs and all black men don’t lack self control.  Devon Franklin is an example….check out the interview and see how long he’d been celibate before marrying Meagan Good.

DeVon told Global Grind:

“She was celibate before we got together and I was celibate. You’re not going to believe me,”

“Let me just put it this way, [I’ve been celibate] over ten years. Part of what I also do is preach and the thing that I couldn’t do, which was eating me apart.”

“We’ve been married for over three months, so that was the key to happiness. With men, sometime we run from it, but I’m telling you it’s a blessing,” DeVon said.