4 Things Guys Worry About

By Marcus Osborne

One of the fabrications in our culture that has always driven me bonkers is the myth that “real” men don’t succumb to worry or stress. It’s the idea that guys are somehow genetically engineered to shake off the rigors of everyday life– that no guy should crack under pressure, fear or insecurity.

Never let ’em see you sweat.

We guys wish it were that easy. From an intellectual perspective, we all agree that this belief is silly. Unfortunately, the gut reaction to actually witnessing a man’s will being broken is generally something less than empathetic. So once and for all, men DO have their own insecurities – just as many as women – and I’ve listed below a few of the most common concerns that men feel.

What Men Worry About

Making enough money. This one has mass awareness. But the depth of the anguish men feel when confronted with the possibility of not being an adequate bread-winner can be unimaginable. We’ve all heard the stories about what many have resorted to when money problems become overwhelming. And yet most peoples’ reaction are less-than-understanding, “It couldn’t have been that bad.” Apparently it was.

Age. You think men age gracefully. We don’t. Actually, for all the jokes and mythology about women getting older i.e., never asking them their age, facelifts, mom jeans, soccer mom hair, etc., women actually seem to handle the transition overall a bit better than men. And of course, they seem to embrace their sexuality as the years tick by. For men, mid-life crisis is no joke! Men can feel frantic–trying to locate that lost hair-line, chasing the younger women, experiencing a dwindling sex-drive and becoming physically vulnerable to younger, stronger guys.

Body Image. Seems shallow. And of course it is. But this is America…we’re ALL about shallowness! Sure the typical belief is that because of a bombardment of media images and our society’s focus on physical beauty in women, that guys are immune to the insecurities that accompany a negative body image. WRONG. We hide it, but we’re just as wrapped up in looking great in beachwear. And it’s not just the ladies who are checking out the competition on the beach and at parties. Guys do it, too.

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