6 Steps To Help Women Overcome Impotence In Their Relationship

By Norm Hem

Male impotence, transient erectile problems and premature ejaculation can occur at some time or other in all relationships. When this happens it not only affects the man, but also the woman feels distress. Any sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation can deprive the woman of sexual pleasure and cause personal and psychological distress as well.

But there are steps couples can take to overcome male impotence and improve their relationship. There’s no need to try to ignore sexual dysfunctions or suffer in silence when there are ways of achieving satisfying sexual relations for both of you. Just follow these six steps as reported by “Andromeda Andrology Center, and “Osbon Medical Foundation,” of Georgia.

1. Admit the effects of impotence on you and your relationship 2. Consider your physical and psychological health 3. Explore the relationship factors that predict successful treatment 4. Learn about the causes and treatments for impotence 5. Discuss this problem with your mate and determine your true sexual needs 6. Seek medical consultation

The first step, of course, is admitting there’s a problem. As the two of you think about your sexual relationship, try to understand the influence that impotence has had on both of you. Then together decide on how you a plan to approach it and what you’re going to do to help one another cope and better your sexual relationship.

Feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in relation to any sexual dysfunctions will have an effect on both your physical and psychological well being. A case in point is Ellen and Paul. Since undergoing triple by-pass surgery a year ago, their sex life has dwindled.

Ellen decided to do something about it, planning a special night together, ensuring there’d be no distractions or interruptions. “I’d been looking forward to this special time together to share a fulfilling, intimate experience,” explains Ellen. “But in spite of my caresses and cuddling, Paul couldn’t seem to respond. The more I tried, the more anxious we both became.”

Any woman in a relationship with an impotent man can relate to this experience. It’s not just the man who suffers, the woman does, too. Women begin to think about possible reasons for their partner’s sexual dysfunction and wonder if they’re to blame.

Women have many of the exact same concerns as men do in regard to impotence. That’s why it’s also important to talk to one another about what may be causing the sexual dysfunction.

In approximately 85% of cases, male impotence is caused by something physical, that can be diagnosed and in most instances is treatable, with some even curable. So it’s important for men to see a doctor and have a medical consultation.

It’s important to discuss what both partners need from their sexual relationship. Today in society we’re conditioned to think and behave a certain way in regard to sexual behavior. What you feel sexually when faced with an impotent partner, and what you believe you’re supposed to be thinking and feeling can be two very different things.

It’s important for men to remember their partner may be having the same frustrating feelings they’re having. But good communication can help straddle the hurdle of impotence and sexual dysfunctions while working together to become a team again.

Norm Hem is the CEO of 4naturalhealth.net, a leading global authority on all natural health and enhancement products.