Anthony Hamilton Speaks Up. Says “There Is A Huge Misconception About Black Love Not Being Able To Last”

Love is in the air with the holiday season in full effect. Soul singer Anthony Hamilton just released his latest studio album, ‘Back To Love,’ in time for the romantic season as couples cozy up together in front of the fireplace. Known for many of his love ballads, Anthony is no stranger to speaking on the topic. In a recent interview with Rolling Out magazine, the “Woo” singer touched on the subject of black love.

Though this clearly has been refuted with couples such as Will and Jada Smith, Anthony believes here is a huge misconception about black love not being able to last.

“The biggest misconception about black love is that we don’t get along or we don’t evolve as a couple,” he said. “But we have couples that are 60 or 65-year-old, married couples. You have to find your strength, and your love within the Lord and you can have that too.”

However, problems with this misunderstanding can stem from the portrayal of relationships not working due to black women not grasping what a black man necessarily wants in a relationship. Nowadays, many women are into the ideal of being “independent,” which some men, such as R&B star Tyrese, find to be somewhat of a turn-off.

“I wish they would understand that we love the subtle, soft-spoken woman a lot more than the aggressive attitude,” Anthony revealed. “Because once you adopt that attitude you tend to use it and you use it not for good anymore, it becomes an unbalance. We love the soft side of a sister. We love the soft side of a woman, the submissive side.

“A man has to make you comfortable enough to show that side so you don’t have to be so defensive; so it’s a two way street,” he added.

As for the two-way street, Anthony also voices out his opinion on black men needing to step up to the plate and being honest about their true intentions, rather than leading a woman on.

“They can step up to the plate by making bigger commitments, being ready, knowing what they want first of all, because in a real relationship you’re trying to go to a place and make this a real commitment, and then make the step. But if it’s not what you want, be honest,” he explained.

On how to tell if a man wants a real long-term commitment, Anthony continued: “He’ll have a certain amount of patience and admiration for the person he’s spending time with. He won’t have that ‘whatever’ attitude, and he’ll talk a certain way, he’ll talk like, ‘my wife’ in his conversations and attitude. He’ll open doors and it won’t just last for two weeks. It will be an ongoing thing.”

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  1. Tee
    Tee says:

    I appreciate Anthony for living what he's talking about. He has a lovely black wife near his side. Let's keep striving to stay together!

  2. Erin
    Erin says:

    I love me some Anthony. His voice is soooo soothing. I'm glad he's got a good head on his shoulders. The Mrs. is lucky.

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