President Obama & First Lady Michelle Release Official New Family Portrait

By Team BLAM

Pictured in their seasons best, the Obama’s were photographed in the oval office by White House photographer Pete Soe Sosa. This picture is the newest update of Malia now 13 years old and Sasha, 10, since their last family portrait taken back in 2009. They are such a beautiful family. We hope they get some much needed restoration and connection during this holiday season. That’s what it’s all about…FAMILY.

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  1. Kisha Cook
    Kisha Cook says:

    Love it! It's such a beautiful famil picture. ^^so true^^

  2. Susa Smith
    Susa Smith says:

    It is a beautiful picture and how Malia looks like President had her himself and Sasha looks just like our First Lady!

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