Black Couples That Adopt White Babies. Does It Matter?

Back in 2008, NFL player DeMarcus Ware and his wife Taniqua caught a lot of criticism over their decision to adopt a white baby. Some argued that White babies are easily adopted as there are long waiting lines for them, but that black babies in America have a shortage of adoptive parents. But to the Wares, they say they fell in love with a little baby and paid no attention to its color. After struggling to conceive and dealing with many miscarriages and a still born, the couple delivered a baby boy last year, November 2010, named DeMarcus Ware, Jr.

In the reverse, celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, HBO’s Weeds actress Mary Louise Parker, Hugh Jackman, Stephen Spielberg, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, all have adopted black or bi-racial children without much fuss.

What are your thoughts? Is it wrong or a bigger deal for black couples to adopt white babies versus the reverse? If so, why?


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  1. guest commentor
    guest commentor says:

    As long as there are babies that need parents, and good people willing to adopt, it does not matter. This is not even a discussion it would seem.

  2. Reouhidi
    Reouhidi says:

    Adults are confusing people. At some point we lose all the lessons we were taught as children about God's love for all his creation. Then we pick up adult bad habits that categorize us and somehow those categories now must define us.
    Yes, race does matter as a reality of our fallen broken natures. Now, I would agree that a black child belongs in a black family for many valid and logic reasons. However, if that black child was an African child. Would you have to agree with me that that child belonged with African parents rather than African-American parents? My point here is that there will always be a reason why someone belongs in a specific group. The question is a moral question. Which is the greater moral standard in such cases. The race or the need of loving parents. If you can provide adequate black parents for black children you may have a case, though not legitimate. Because I would say to you that if that child is African you need to find African parents.

  3. Friend of a friend
    Friend of a friend says:

    I find this quite interesting I see no color and I feel all is created equally however I would proberly start where it is needed most no matter what the color of the child. Racism is learned and it is foolish and ignorant thinking on the teacher of it. God Is love.

  4. Jasmine B
    Jasmine B says:

    I think everyone deserves love! I just feel deep in my soul our abandoned black babies need homes most.

  5. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    i think the color is not important for parents.
    Children need love and respect in a stable environment.

    i wish all the people of the world all the best 🙂

    greetings from germany 🙂

  6. Ajali
    Ajali says:

    I dont knock those who would do it, but I wouldnt. It matters to me, on levels deeper then just color

  7. Cassandra
    Cassandra says:

    I don't think there is an issue…I just don't think it's a common occurance so people wouldn't be open to it at would take some getting used to.
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  8. Brooke
    Brooke says:

    Does it matter? No. Would their little girl have found a white family if they hadn't adopted her? Yes. Does their choice of a white baby mean that one more black child won't find a home, probably.

  9. Afrodity
    Afrodity says:

    A child is in need it shouldn't matter what the child's color is. The real issue is that their so many minority children in the system. Its all about prevention. I grew up with close friends that were in the system and all they wanted was a home no matter the color. I plan to adopt a child/children maybe even be a foster mom. I'm adopt any child that needs me. I would never turn a child in need away and deny them the love of a parent because I'm not the same color as them. To deny anyone of any love or guidance because of their skin color is racist in my opinion.

  10. Mrs. Washington
    Mrs. Washington says:

    Yes it matters! I'm sorry. I know that at the end of the day everyone needs love and that race shouldn't really matter. But as a foster care soical worker for the past 9 years I can tell you first hand that there are thousands of black children lingering in care desperate for someone to call momy and daddy. So, I'm not morally opposed to adopting white or anything like that but I just have to ask WHY???? Especially, when there are so many black children in our community who need us!!??!!

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