Will And Jada Smith’s Daughter & Sesame Street Want You To Whip Your Hair Back & Forth

We absolutely LOVE a video from Sesame Street that exploded on the internet over the last few days that has a young black girl (puppet) singing about how much she loves her hair. Then, while in the car the other day we hear a song with a hot beat with the lyrics…”I whip my hair back and forth!” We didn’t know at the time that this is Will & Jada Smith’s daughter, Willow’s, new single. Again, this song sends a positive message about hair, creativity, and self-expression. We just watched her video and all we can say is Wow….this 9 year old has talent and we LOVE how funky, hot, and age appropriate this video is. Already, Willow has been inspiring little girls all over Youtube to whip their hair back and forth. To top it all off, Mec Jagger from Sesame Street did a mash up of Willow’s song with the same puppet and we think it’s GREAT! We’re always trying to find images and messages that reinforce our daughters’ beauty and love for who they are. A BIG thanks to Sesame Street & Willow (and her parents…smile) for helping us out. Check out these fabulous songs below.  🙂

“I Love My Hair” by Sesame Street

“Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith

“Whip My Hair” By Sesame Street

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  1. Radiah
    Radiah says:

    thanks for posting these videos – and I am happy that you put them on your site. As I watched Willow's video the first thing that came to my mind is that that young lady is sooo loved by her parents for her to be so confident. I am elated that my daughter has the opportunity to grow up with these messages all around her to reinforce what her father and I try to instill in her on a daily basis. Love you, Ma'ats!

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