VIDEO: On Faith, Family, Love &….Pain. Yes, You Can Handle It.

VIDEO: As we build our marriages and our families we will at times experience pain that we will feel is unfair and unprovoked. Nobody said being in relationship with other people you love to pieces would be easy. Listen in as Bishop T.D. Jakes explains how “Being who we are in life to other people can often cause us personal pain, but what does it matter, if for one moment we can be what they never got to be or never had?

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  1. Fhellie Den
    Fhellie Den says:

    The family that prays together, stays together…Thanks a lot for the post here…

  2. Deane07
    Deane07 says:

    I know many people can rely on these one, Great thoughts about faith.
    I agree for the ideas that Faith can be fly into two phases.

  3. Tasha
    Tasha says:

    I so needed to hear this. Thank you for all that you all do to speak to the heart of our people. Fan for life!

  4. Harriet
    Harriet says:

    This is so on point! I left a quote on my Facebook page that talked about this to some extent: “Christians too often resemble frightened and unsure religious slaves. Most Christians have been better trained to expect and handle their sin than to expect and enjoy their freedom.” ~ Chuck Swindoll

    To me, that’s some bull. My sons know that it’s not just a “by and by” relationship we have with Christ, but a relationship where we deal with our difficulties, but still press through them to go on to better things. If salvation was just about going to heaven, then the minute we get saved, God should have set it up to where we died on the spot once that decision was made. What kind of testimony is that? LOL

    So yes, we have to LIVE in a way that represents Him well. Thanks for this snippet!

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