VIDEO: Confronting Sexism, Misogyny, and Hyper-Masculinity In Hip Hop

By Team BLAM

For decades there have been constant complaints around the representation of black women in the rap industry. The industry itself has managed to suppress the deafening disapproval expressed by both black men and women who are concerned about the presence of sexism and misogyny in the rap game.  That’s no surprise.  The voice you hear is usually the one with the most money, power, influence, and unfortunately in the world of rap the woman is undervalued, marginalized, and consequently unheard.

This is not cool.  The condition of our community can be determined by the psychological, emotional, and spiritual condition of our women.  If we don’t take care of our women and our women don’t take care of themselves….who do we expect to do it?  Oh…I guess the rap industry will.  Smh

We, at BLAM want to give a shout out to award winning film maker Byron Hurt for having the courage to challenge the misrepresentation of women in hip hop through his documentary Hip -Hop: Beyond Beats And Rhymes. He’s shaking up popular notions by taking on misogyny, sexism, and hyper-masculinity.  He’s being intentional about shaping and shifting people’s paradigms by making us all aware that when it comes to the rap game it’s way more to it than what meets the eye.

Thank you Byron

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  1. Kennard B. Stinnette
    Kennard B. Stinnette says:

    I was looking at the show "Behind the Music" and found out that in Nellys video (where he takes the ATM card and swipes the girl butt) that SHE suggested for him to do that. Now if these fine young sisters dont care about how they are exposing themselves, the young brothers dont care because the money is coming in and the community dont care because we are making them rich, what else is there left to do?

  2. AsafOhemma Tuntum
    AsafOhemma Tuntum says:

    complete and utter MADNESS….

  3. Kennard B. Stinnette
    Kennard B. Stinnette says:

    Yes, the voice of this brother definitely has to be heard!! There is plenty of problems in the hip hop community as listed in the article. But I'm telling you, as long as the green is coming in, as long as our people (who claim they don't like this stuff) buy it, support it and mimmick it, this is a losing cause. It's not like the guys who are making good money are going to just stop.

    • @CarlinWhitehaus
      @CarlinWhitehaus says:

      if you further that thinking, it's like if brothers and sisters are cool with gettin cash from white people for exploiting themselves, it must cool then, right? __When you focus on the consent of the ladies to participate, you gotta look at the limited options that women have in order to make good money. Go to the source – it's misogyny and patriarchy. And that ain't good for the community.

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