Don’t Let Reality T.V. Destroy Your Relationship

Is reality T.V destroying your relationship?  Is your man or woman spending more time with the Real House Wives of …..?  Are they soooo preoccupied with Nene, Tamar, Stevie J, and so on and so on that they’ve stopped focusing on you?  Have they internalized some of the craziness that they’re seeing to such a degree that it’s starting to show up in your relationship?  If so it’s time to do something different.  Whatever you focus on….GROWS.  Stop focussing on the negativity that you see in everybody else’s relationship.   It’s not helping you….it’s hurting you.

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4 replies
  1. Russell
    Russell says:

    Stop playin and start pushing!!!

  2. Rhonda
    Rhonda says:

    Well we threw away all of our T.V.s so that won't be a deal breaker in our marriage. 

  3. Keianna
    Keianna says:

    LORD, YOU MUST HAVE BEEN READING MY HUSBAND MIND! lol He is always mad when I watch The Real Housewives series. He hate them all. He hate when I watch these shows. He call it "trash tv"

  4. Dre
    Dre says:

    Word! Your mind is so precious, some times I think some people don't realise how precious it actually is. I think we take it for granted a lot.

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