Flash Mob Alert! Join The Nationwide Dance Party For Healthy Kids & Fight Childhood Obesity Oct.24th-31st

By Team BLAM

There are so many people, groups, and organizations doing truly great things to keep kids healthy and active and The Movement is no exception.

The all-volunteer group’s plan is to create a social avalanche of publicity onto the issue of childhood obesity by holding flash mob dance performances around the country from October 24 – 31, 2011. They hope to get enough people dancing to broadcast the video footage when the campaign ends.

Their mission is to draw attention to childhood obesity and drive traffic to local and national healthy kids organizations so people can get help or get involved.

Flash mobs will dance, sing and perform in towns and cities around the U.S. in joyful service to healthier kids.  They will also encourage  flash mob organizers to partner with local kids’ health organizations, nonprofits and community groups so that local groups can strengthen their numbers and raise their visibility in their community.

Check out the official kid-friendly song and choreography for The Movement below and get involved! Organize your own Flash Mob & join The Movement.