Gratitude Challenge Day 5: Write A Gratitude Note To Someone..And Then Read It To Them Face To Face

By Team BLAM

Allright ya’ll! We’re on Day 5 of the Gratitude Challenge and the stakes are getting more serious now. We’re gonna intensify things and really put the challaaaaange in challenge! Below is the assignment and hear me when I say it can be life changing. There’s really not much I need to say about it. It really speaks for itself. This one may take a little more time and courage. But, it is well worth your effort.


“Select one important person from your past who made a major positive difference in your life and to whom you have never fully expressed your thanks. (Do not confuse this with newfound romantic love, or with the possibility of future gain.) Write a testimonial just long enough to cover one page. Take your time composing this; people often find themselves taking several weeks, composing on buses and as they fall asleep at night.

Invite that person to your home, or travel to that person’s home. It is important you do this face to face, not just in writing or on the phone. Do not tell the person the purpose of the visit in advance; a simple “I just want to see you” will suffice. Wine and cheese do not matter, but bring a laminated version of your testimonial with you as a gift. When all settles down, read your testimonial aloud slowly, with expression, and with eye contact. Then let the other person react unhurriedly. Reminisce together about the concrete events that make this person so important to you.


You will be amazed at the results if you take the time to do this and really connect in to your feelings of gratitude for this other person and how they have impacted you. If you’re really feeling moved and brave you can send us a copy and we’ll post it on the site for all to see. Let us know how it goes!