Really Need A Change In Your Life? Only YOU Can Make It Happen.

By Jeanne Angel St.Cyr

How you see yourself in your mind is what you are going to manifest in your life. You will never rise higher than your own perceived expectations. How do see yourself? Are you a positive, outgoing individual? Or are you a quiet little mouse hiding in the corner afraid of the future?

You have control over your mind and emotions. Simply put you have the power already inside you to determine which path your life will follow. You can reprogram your mind through meditations, positive thoughts, saying or writing out positive affirmations. The word affirmation means to make true. What do you want to change in your life?

Make a list. Number your list in order of importance to you. Decide what one thing you want to work on. Only one goal or dream at a time, so as not to overload yourself. It has been said that it takes only 21 days to make or break a habit. You could be only 21 days from your greatest successes! How great would that be? You may feel that you have a long way to go, but look back at how far you’ve already come.

Don’t stay locked away in a prison of remorse, of things done or not done, of choices made or not made. Let yourself be free and enjoy a brand new beginning! Now is the time. Do not delay. No more excuses, just start now!  If you don’t take action on your dreams and ideas, how can you expect to manifest success? You must take the 1st step, no one else can do it for you! Your never too old and it’s never too late to start.

BLAM Fam: If this seems eerily profound and speaks exactly to you and your situation in this moment take it as a sign and confirmation that you need to move! Seize the moment, and take that 1st step!

Jeanne Angel St.Cyr is the Author of “Inspirations”. Jeanne and her husband John live in Northern California with their son, Brad.  In April of 2012 they will celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary. Visit her at


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